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Pipe CNC Fiber Laser Cutter
General Features
● Powerful cutting function, capable of cutting square pipes, round pipes, rectangular pipes and various special-shaped pipes at the same time.
● It adopts pneumatic chuck and push-type cutting method, which has high centering precision and processing precision.
● The machine tool adopts a structure that has been welded with multiple integral profiles. Annealing eliminates internal stress and finish machining, which can better solve the stress caused by welding and processing, thereby improving the rigidity and stability of the equipment.Better stability and longer service life.
● Excellent processing system, friendly interface, convenient operation, and real-time feedback of processing status, ensuring the orderly progress of processing.

Standard Components

● Switzerland Raytools Cutting Head
● China Top 1 Brand Raycus Laser
● Taiwan YYC Rack and HIWIN Linear Rail
● Taiwan FASTON Reducer
● Janpan Yaskawa AC Servo Motor and Drive
● Shanghai Cypcut Cutting System
● Japan SMC+AirTAG Pneumatic Component
● China Hanli Chiller
● Machine Platform and Accessories


● Germany Precitec Cutting Head
● Shenzhen WSX Cutting Head
● China famous brand MAX Laser Source
● Germany IPG Laser Source
● USA N-light Laser Source
● Voltage Stabilizer
● Air Compressor
● Exhaust System
● Pneumatic chuck, the jaws are loosened and clamped with one button, the air pressure remains unchanged after clamping, the clamping force is large, and the pipe does not loosen or slip.
● Real-time deviation compensation of pipe core, easy clamping and installation of pipe, high precision of pipe perforation cutting, optional bus real-time system and integrated follow-up control.
● Pipe corner cutting is faster, corner following is more stable, cutting quality is more reliable, support follow-up function of support, to ensure the processing quality of the entire pipe.
Stable Machine Bed and Gantry Structure
Machine bed and the gantry structure adopt plate welding structure.After heat treatment and annealing to remove stress, the structure is stable and the good rigidity
Double Chuck Clamping
Clamping round tube 20-220mm Servo motor and reducer are driven synchronously to ensure processing accuracy.
Both front and rear chucks are pneumatically tightened
Gear Drive
High transmission efficiency, high accuracy, stable and long service life.
Switzerland RAYTOOLS Laser Cutting Head
● High stability and good cutting quality, fast working speed and built-in motor drive unit itself.
● Automatic focus system
● Lightweight design, fast acceleration
● Drift-free range sensor
● Closed light path protection
● Continuous monitoring of protective lenses
Standard RAYCUS Laser Source
● The brand of our fiber laser source standard Raycus (China) to ensure a more stable and precise cutting effect in the cutting of thick plates.
● High power/small spot, good beam quality and fast speed.
● Good cutting effect, compact and stable design.
● Good stability and high electro-optical conversion efficiency.
● Economic Max (China), Optional for IPG (Germany) and Nlight(USA).
CYPCUT Controller System
● Cutting system for special pipe cutting machines.
● Can be matched with pipe nesting software to realize powerful co-edge cutting, process editing, diversified pipe types, saving time and materials.
● Software processing, powerful functions, user-friendly interface, easy operation.
● The cutting software supports workpiece mode and floating mode, processing data statistics, real-time centering correction compensation during processing, pipe surface contour correction, pipe corner technology, fast leaping, etc.
Principle of Laser Cutting
● Fix the cutting material. Fix the material to be cut on the working surface of the laser cutting machine;
● According to the material and thickness of the metal plate, adjust the equipment parameters accordingly;
● Select the appropriate lens and nozzle, and check before starting to check its integrity and cleanliness;
● Adjust the focus. Adjust the cutting head to a proper focus position;
● Check and adjust the nozzle center;
● Calibration of the cutting head sensor;
● Choose a suitable cutting gas and check whether its spraying state is good;
● Try to cut the material. After cutting the material, check whether the cutting end surface is smooth and check the cutting accuracy. If there is an error, please adjust the equipment parameters accordingly until the requirements are met and the proofreading can be achieved.
● Program the drawing of the workpiece, carry out the corresponding typesetting, and import the equipment cutting system;
● Adjust the position of the cutting head and start cutting;
● During the operation, there should always be personnel present and carefully observe the cutting situation. If an emergency occurs and a quick response is required, please press the emergency stop button;
● Check the cutting quality and accuracy of the first sample.
Cutting Samples
Basically Parameter
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