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HCW Fiber Laser Welding Machine
General Features
● Continuous light emission, high electro-optical conversion efficiency, long laser life
● Maintenance: maintenance-free, adjustment-free, low energy consumption, no consumables, long-term use can save users a lot of processing costs, traditional soldering, argon arc welding, etc., solder, ya gas, iron wire, salt, acid, etc. require a lot of consumables. Consume
● Volume: Small size and compact structure, built-in water cooling, flexible and convenient hand-held welding, and can realize outdoor welding.
● The operation is simple and easy to learn, and both students and skilled hands can operate on the machine. In the current situation that it is difficult to recruit skilled workers and the salary cost has doubled, choosing a hand-held fiber laser welding machine can easily solve it for you.
● High working efficiency, traditional marking welding uses soldering, argon arc welding, etc., which is low in efficiency and easy to fatigue. Hand-held fiber laser welding machine breaks through the traditional method, which is 10-15 times faster than ordinary welding.
● Hand-held welding head: equipped with 10 meters of imported optical fiber, it can weld a variety of complex welding seam workpieces, large workpieces with irregular shapes, and realize welding at any angle.
Hand-held laser welding machines can be widely used in complex and sophisticated welding processes in cabinets, kitchen equipment, elevator industries, shelves, door and window guardrails, electrical cabinets, household appliances and other industries.
Technical Parameter
Welding material&thickness 1000W welding capacity
≤2mm stainless steel;mild steel;
<1mm Aluminum Plate,Gavalnized Plate
1500W welding capacity
≤3mm stainless steel;mild steel;
<1.5mm Aluminum Plate,Gavalnized Plate
2000W welding capacity
≤4mm stainless steel;mild steel;
<2mm Aluminum Plate,Gavalnized Plate
NO. Performance Index parameter Remark
1 Laser Source Raycus 1000-2000
2 Laser Cutting Head Wobble Welding head HECHEN
3 Welding Material Thickness 0.5-3mm Based on material, customized Avaliable
4 Welding Move 0.2-1.5mm Adjustable
5 Automatic Lick Silk Standard silk 1.2mm Selective
6 Working Temperature 0-40℃  
7 Humidity <85%  
8 Stable Voltage 220V 50HZ 20A According to customer local voltage
9 Cooling system Hanli water cooling machine  
Power Single Phase 220 20A(Main Circuit Breaker)
10M Power Cable 
Compressor air/O2/N2 Air Pressre: >0.2Mpa; <1Mpa; Tube Dia: 6MM
Environment Temperature 25±5 ℃
Humidity 30-70% RH
Wearing Parts Model Suggested Working Time
welding nozzle China, Hechen 1 Month
Protective Glasses China, Hechen 1 Month
Compared with traditional arc welding, handheld laser welding has the advantages of simple operation, beautiful welding seam, solid welding, small deformation of workpiece, reduce grinding workload, low maintenance and use cost of equipment.
Comparison/Project Traditional Arc Welding Ordinary Handle Welding HCW-Fiber Laser Welding
Workpiece heat input Very High Low Low 
Deformation of the workpiece High Low Low
The welding quality Bad Good Perfect
Subsequent processing Polishing No No
Welding speed Bad 2 Times Arc Welding 2 Times Welding
consumables High Low Low
Operation difficulty Hard Hard Simple
Welding fault tolerance Good Bad Perfect
Swing welding NO No/Expensive Standard
The welding width adjustable NO No/Expensive Standard
Worker safety design NO NO Included and Improving
Hechen adopt the latest, substituted fiber laser, equipped with self-developed wobble welding joint, to fill the gap of handheld welding in the laser equipment industry.

1.It has the advantages of simple operation, beautiful welding seam, fast welding speed and no consumables;

2. When ≥3mm stainless steel plate, iron plate, aluminum plate, copper plate and other metal materials welding, can perfectly replace the traditional fluorine arc welding, welding process.

3.It can be widely used in tree cabinets, kitchen, stairs, elevators, shelves, ovens, stainless steel doors and Windows, guardrail, distribution boxes, stainless steel home, home and other industries complex and irregular welding processes

4. Automatic wire feeding control part to provide parameter Settings, the driving part of the control part under the control of wire feeding drive, wire feeding mouth part will be sent to the welding gun position.It has the function of delay wire feeding and advance wire drawing.It can not only realize the single automatic control (internal control), but also receive the control of the upper computer.The wire feeding and wire drawing can be controlled by foot switch, and the high frequency switch of welding torch can also be used to achieve synchronous control (high frequency incoming line, high frequency outgoing line).Wire feeding speed 0-1000mm/min (generally can be customized according to customer requirements), wire feeding speed repeatability error within 5%. With continuous wire feeding and intermittent wire feeding functions, and intermittent wire feeding frequency and duty cycle can be adjusted.

Compared with the traditional arc welding, the handheld laser welding has the advantages of simple operation, beautiful welding seam, solid welding, small deformation of workpiece, reduce the grinding workload, equipment maintenance and use cost etc..
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