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Enclosed Type CNC Fiber Laser Cutter-Dual Working Table
General Features
● The production and processing raw materials are rich in varieties, which can be used to produce and process a series of plates such as a variety of metals, carbon steel, and stainless steel;
● Non-contact production and processing, laser beam energy and movement speed can be adjusted, which can realize a variety of production and processing, suitable for detailed production and processing;
● It is good for orientation, cooperates with the numerical control system, and is good for actual operation;
● Save time and increase work efficiency,
● In accordance with the order control instructions, take turns to exchange,
● Shorten the loading and unloading time of sheet metal processing, thereby improving production efficiency
● It saves time better and increases processing efficiency per unit time.

Standard Components

● Switzerland Raytools Cutting Head
● China Top 1 Brand Raycus Laser
● Taiwan YYC Rack and HIWIN Linear Rail
● Taiwan FASTON Reducer
● Janpan Yaskawa AC Servo Motor and Drive
● Shanghai Cypcut Cutting System
● Japan SMC+AirTAG Pneumatic Component
● China Hanli Chiller
● Machine Platform and Accessories


● Germany Precitec Cutting Head
● Shenzhen WSX Cutting Head
● China famous brand MAX Laser Source
● Germany IPG Laser Source
● USA N-light Laser Source
● Voltage Stabilizer
● Air Compressor
● Exhaust System
● Efficient and time-saving, dual-table interchangeable, effectively saving loading and unloading time.
● Energy saving and environmental protection, equipped with professional dust removal equipment.
● It adopts a closed sheet metal cover and is equipped with a safety device, which has the unity of safety and visibility, which greatly improves the safety performance of the equipment.
● The dual-platform exchange time can be completed in about 15 seconds, which greatly reduces the exchange time and improves production efficiency.
Machine Body
The annealing process of the whole machine to eliminate the internal stress, and the large-scale shot blasting process The steel plate is welded, and the tempering treatment bed has stronger rigidity, long service life and no deformation more than 20 years.
Dual-platform Exchange Working Table
Two platform work at the same time and cooperate with each other. After the cutting workbench is processed, it can be interchanged with other workbenches. The laser cutting machine can continue processing without waiting for cutting and feeding, which greatly saves standby time and improves work efficiency.
Switzerland RAYTOOLS Laser Cutting Head
● High stability and good cutting quality, fast working speed and built-in motor drive unit itself.
● Automatic focus system
● Lightweight design, fast acceleration
● Drift-free range sensor
● Closed light path protection
● Continuous monitoring of protective lenses
Standard RAYCUS Laser Source
● The brand of our fiber laser source standard Raycus (China) to ensure a more stable and precise cutting effect in the cutting of thick plates.
● High power/small spot, good beam quality and fast speed
● Good cutting effect, compact and stable design
● Good stability and high electro-optical conversion efficiency
● Economic Max (China), Optional for IPG (Germany) and Nlight(USA) with the power from 1000W to 12,000W.
Janpan YASKAWA Servo Motor&Driver
● Increasing the speed to 6000 RPM reduces the temperature rise, increasing the efficiency and shortening the peak to 350%.
● Full set of servo drive system, to ensure higher accuracy, faster speed, more stable operation.
HANLI Water Cooling System
The cooling water has good quality and high temperature control accuracy; stable and reliable performance, low failure rate, energy saving and power saving; personalized design, etc.
CYPCUT Controller System

Integrates file reading, design output and processing control. A set of software can complete the whole process from design to processing.
● Based on Windows operation development
● Support a variety of file rich layer interface
● Simple and practical cutting software
● Real-time frequency and power curve

Germany SCHENEIDER Electric System

HECHEN laser cutting machine adopts Schneider Electric, scientific layout, neat and safe wiring, to ensure the stable performance of the machine.

Taiwan FASTON Reducer

● Special reducer for cutting machine, high precision, silent, long life, no oil leakage, large torque and other fine characteristics.
● Exquisitely carved parts, complete modular structure.

Taiwan HIWIN Liner Guider&YYC Rack

● Adopt YYC rack, high precision linear guide HIWIN, Prefer rigidity, high precision, quality guaranteed
● Five-level precision, rigid support for quenched helical gear and grinding helical gear, make the load drive structure compact which can effectively reduce the driving torque.

Cast Aluminum Beam

● Adopt sectional exclusion of aerospace aluminum beam
● Using honeycomb structure beam design high strength, high rigidity, light weight

Japan SMC Proportional Valve

The gas control adopts Japanese SMC, the gas flow is controlled by a proportional valve, and the gas flow is stable; when cutting different sheets, it will automatically switch air, oxygen, nitrogen and air pressure according to the instructions in the process library, without manual adjustment.

Principle of Laser Cutting

● Fix the cutting material. Fix the material to be cut on the working surface of the laser cutting machine;
● According to the material and thickness of the metal plate, adjust the equipment parameters accordingly;
● Select the appropriate lens and nozzle, and check before starting to check its integrity and cleanliness;
● Adjust the focus. Adjust the cutting head to a proper focus position;
● Check and adjust the nozzle center;
● Calibration of the cutting head sensor;
● Choose a suitable cutting gas and check whether its spraying state is good;
● Try to cut the material. After cutting the material, check whether the cutting end surface is smooth and check the cutting accuracy. If there is an error, please adjust the equipment parameters accordingly until the requirements are met and the proofreading can be achieved.
● Program the drawing of the workpiece, carry out the corresponding typesetting, and import the equipment cutting system;
● Adjust the position of the cutting head and start cutting;
● During the operation, there should always be personnel present and carefully observe the cutting situation. If an emergency occurs and a quick response is required, please press the emergency stop button;
● Check the cutting quality and accuracy of the first sample.

Basically Parameter
Laser Cutting Capacity
Laser cutting thickness and speed
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