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Dual Use CNC Fiber Laser Cutter
General Features
● This model adopts rack and pinion transmission structure, standard manual clamping chuck, push-type pipe cutting method, can be used for general sheet metal cutting and common square tube, round tube, rectangular tube cutting.
● Powerful cutting function can meet customers' flat and pipe cutting requirements at the same time.
● It adopts manual chuck and push-type cutting method, which has high centering precision and processing precision.

Standard Components

● Switzerland Raytools Cutting Head
● China Top 1 Brand Raycus Laser
● Taiwan YYC Rack and HIWIN Linear Rail
● Taiwan FASTON Reducer
● Janpan Yaskawa AC Servo Motor and Drive
● Shanghai Cypcut Cutting System
● Japan SMC+AirTAG Pneumatic Component
● China Hanli Chiller
● Machine Platform and Accessories


● Germany Precitec Cutting Head
● Shenzhen WSX Cutting Head
● China famous brand MAX Laser Source
● Germany IPG Laser Source
● USA N-light Laser Source
● Voltage Stabilizer
● Air Compressor
● Exhaust System
Self-centering Jig System
● Electric clamp design on both ends of metal tubes.
● Modulate the center automatically and clamp intensely.
● Diagonal adjustable range is 20-200mm.
Switzerland Raytools Cutting Head
● High Efficiency Cooling 
● Auto-focusing
● High-Speed Piercing &Cutting 
● High Power Rating. 
● Portable and Durable. Optional: (LASERMECH, PRECITEC)
100,000 Hours of Lifetime-raycus Laser Source
● Free maintenance
● High electro-optical conversion efficiency(up to 25-30%)
● Excellent beam quality, high energy density, and reliability, a wide modulation frequency
● Low energy consumption, only 20%-30% of the traditional co2 machine.
● Optional: IPG(Germany), Nlight(USA), Max(China)
High Rigidity Enhanced Lathe Bed
● Strict manufacturing process, high-temperature annealing treatment to eliminate weld seams and bed stress.
● 72hrs vibration aging treatment, high strength, rigidity, tensile strength, non-deformation within 20 years.
● High purity steel plate with thickness of 10mm heavy chassis.
Human-Match Interaction
CYPCUT PROFESSIONAL LASER TUBE&PLATE CUTTING SYSTEM: Simple, economical, practical and convenient.
Highly integrated and highly intelligent with file.reading, design, output and processing control all in one.
Intelligent Dual Temperaturedual Control--Hanli Industrialwater Chiller
● Automatically adjust the temperature according to different working environment, no need to change settings parameters
● Multiple alarm protection
● CE certification: ROHS certification REACH certification.
Janpan Yaskawa Servo Motor & Driver
● Increasing the speed to 6000 RPM reduces the temperature rise, increasing the efficiency and shortening the peak to 350%.
● Full set of servo drive system, to ensure higher accuracy, faster speed, more stable operation.
Cutting Samples

● The cutting surface is smooth and without any subsequent treatment.

● Can cut different materials, suitable for construction machinery, environmental protection equipment, crafts and other different industries.

● It can cut materials and plates of different thickness to improve the diversified rate of material.

Machine Basically Parameter

Product Model




Laser Power


Cutting Area

3000mm x 1500mm

4000mm x 2000mm

6000mm x 2000mm

Tube Maximum Working Length


Maximum Acceleration


Maximum Moving Speed


Positioning Accuracy


Repeated Positioning Accuracy


Product Advantage
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