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CNC Press Brake
General Features
● Overall welded and processed structure
● Closed loop control mode composed of electric-hydraulic servo valve and measure ruler, ensure the highest precision, bending accuracy and repositioning accuracy are also reach the highest level.
● Back gauge mechanism can control several axis.
● Integrated hydraulic system decreases the pipe connections, oil leakage and increase the stability and overall reasonable appearance.
● Hydraulic compensation mechanism helps to prevent the deformed slider from affecting the quality of the workpiece and compensation mechanism adjusted automatically by the CNC controller which is convenient and accuracy.
● Controller system adopt Holland Delem, Italy ESA, and Swiss CYBELEC with multi-language selection.
● Important parts such as the fuselage and sliding block are analyzed by ANSYS finite element analysis software to ensure the reliability of the machine tool.
● Using a fully functional backgauge mechanism, which can choose to control multiple backgauge shafts. Functional parts in the backgauge. Such as guide rails, lead screws, bearings, etc., all use imported original parts to ensure the accuracy of the back gauge.
● The hydraulic system adopts the integrated control system imported from Germany, which reduces pipeline installation, improves the working stability of the machine tool, and has a beautiful and simple appearance.

Standard Components

● Hydraulic Valve: Rexroth
● Main Motor: Siemens Main Motor
● Grating Ruler: GIVI
● Ball Screw Rod: PMI
● Linear Guide: Zeen
● Crowning: Motorized Crowning
● Pedal Switch: Roller Type
● Electrics: Schneider
● Oil Cylinder: China
● Clamps: Quick Clamp
● Backgauge Motor: Servo Motor
● Front Support:Roller Support
● Rear Finger: Big Finger
● Finger Amount: 3
● Backgauge Axis: 4+1
● Controller: SK60

Optional Configuration

● 3+2 double track+Electric Z axis+manual operation for R axis
● 6 axis high precision aluminum alloy back stopper
● Robot bending unit
● Laser protection unit
● Pneumatic lifter
● 4+1+2 double track +Z axis+ R axis
Machine Performance
● The new rigid design and finite element optimization analysis minimize the influence of bending deformation on the quality of the workpiece.
● Adopt the fully closed-loop electro-hydraulic servo synchronous control system imported from Germany Rexroth
● The new craft design of European simple style, the humanized design is more practical.
Machine Structure
● The whole Machine body is welded as a whole with strong resistance.
● Large-scale tempering furnace or vibration is used to eliminate stress, with good stability and no deformation of the frame.
● The frame is processed by a precision floor boring machine or a multi-face machining center at one time to ensure the parallelism and verticality of each installation surface.
● Straightness;
● There is a "C"-shaped plate mechanism at the throat of the frame to directly detect the distance between the upper and lower molds to ensure the accuracy of the parts.
Slider Design
● Upward bending design, low noise, stable working condition;
● The slider is thickened and widened to minimize the amount of deflection and deformation during bending;
● The universal upper mold mounting surface can meet the clamping requirements of the mold to the greatest extent.
Hydraulic System--German Rexroth valve
● Adopt the most advanced fully closed loop electro-hydraulic servo synchronous control system.
● Y1 and Y2 can be programmed individually, can work under partial load, and can also be tapered.
● The bottom dead center has a pressure holding time, which is programmable to ensure the accuracy of different parts.
● With the function of slow return control, the operator can better control the workpiece.
Main Motor
Compared with traditional stepping motors, the advantages of using servo motors include: accuracy is increased to ±0.01mm, noise is reduced to 25 decibels, energy consumption is reduced by 60%, hydraulic oil consumption is reduced by 70%, and efficiency is increased by 30%.
Grating Ruler
Italy GIVI linear magnetic gate ruler, high-precision guide system, position measurement system closed-loop control, can meet the full length or partial load processing needs.
Oil Cylinder
● The seal in the cylinder is Austrian SKF or NOK, Shanghai Heyan cylinder, with strong sealing and long life.
● The hydraulic system pipe fittings and joints are imported from abroad, with good quality and strong performance.
● The hydraulic system has overload and overflow safety protection.
● The oil level is displayed clearly and intuitively.
● The machine tool can work continuously under rated load, and the hydraulic system guarantees no leakage and continuous and stable processing with high precision.

● Use Taiwan Yintai or Shanghai Yintai high-precision ball screw.
● The backgauge speed is fast and the positioning accuracy is high.
● The X-axis is driven by a ball screw, guided by a linear guide, driven by a digital AC servo motor, and has a retreat control function.
● The three stop fingers move left and right along the linear guide, which is convenient for operation and high precision.
● With a unique finger structure, each finger can be moved up and down through the hand wheel.

Electric System

The electrical components are imported from France Schneider and Germany or joint venture products, which are in line with international standards, safe and reliable, long life, strong anti-interference ability, and the electric control cabinet has a heat sink.

Movable foot switch, easy to operate, with emergency stop function.

Deflection Compensation

● The lower table is equipped with domestic mechanical deflection compensation device or hydraulic disturbance compensation as standard, and the compensation is closed-loop control with high control accuracy.
● The compensation amount is automatically calculated and set by the numerical control system to ensure the consistency of the full-length bending angle.

Controller System

Our WE67K series cnc press brake standard equipped SK60 with full function and easy operation and also could choose Delem DA52s,DA53T DA58T, DA66T,DA69T controller and ESA630, ESA640 and Cybtouch CT8,CT12 controller. The selection of the controller should be based on practical use and budget.

Punch & Die

● Upper mold clamping method: mechanical fast clamping.
● Upper die: 1 set of standard straight cutters, high precision and interchangeable.
● Lower mold: 1 set of standard 2V lower mold with high precision and interchangeability.
● Lower mold clamping method: 1 set of T-type quick mold change pad.

Fast Clamp

It is easy to clamp the mold, adjust the mold force evenly, and prevent the damage of the upper slide block.


The two left and right brackets can be adjusted according to the step distance, with a rotating function, which can avoid interference when the workpiece is bent.

Technical Specification
Optional System
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