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What Are The Advantages Of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, See Here The Most Complete Analysis!

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At present, the fiber laser cutting machine has great advantages over the CO2 laser cutting machine, and has gradually become a popular cutting equipment in the processing market. The cutting process is a very basic process in sheet metal processing. So what makes fiber laser cutting machines such a big market? Now let's give you a detailed analysis.

First of all, we need to understand the working principle of the fiber laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine is a device that has a laser to convert electrical energy into light energy, and its electro-optical conversion rate is 30%. Then, through the cutting head, the high energy light is concentrated on the surface of the plate, and the part of the plate contacting the light is vaporized instantly, and the application of numerical control program displacement achieves the effect of cutting. In essence, laser processing belongs to thermal cutting, compared to the traditional shear plate, punch and other machines, has the effect of small deformation.

fiber laser cutting machine

So from the customer's consideration, the advantages of fiber laser cutting machine are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Economy; Fiber laser cutting machine in addition to the use of a part of the electricity, and the cost of supplies, no other expenses, only one person can operate. Both large and small batch production can be satisfied. If the traditional press, but also need to open the cost of a single product, if the need to change the shape of the product, need to reopen the mold. However, the flexibility of the laser cutting machine is a good solution to this problem, only need to input drawings to the program, can be easily processed.

2. Practicality; Fiber laser cutting machine cutting workpiece out of high accuracy, the highest can reach the accuracy of 3 wire within, compared with the traditional processing tools, it saves the second grinding process, reduce the workload of personnel, shorten the delivery time. In addition, its processing materials, and thickness are very wide, cutting stainless steel, copper and aluminum, carbon steel and aluminum alloy and so on are no problem, mass production thickness is currently covered within 50mm is feasible.

3. Efficiency; Efficiency determines economic benefits, fiber laser cutting machine cutting speed can reach 100 meters per minute, that is to say, the efficiency of a small workpiece is a few seconds, compared to plasma or wire cutting and other traditional equipment, laser cutting speed is much faster.

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