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The Relationship Between Pulse Duty Cycle and Frequency In Laser Cutting Machine

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In the cutting process parameters of the laser cutting machine, there will be the option of pulse duty ratio. Many operators who are not familiar with the laser cutting process parameters may not understand what this parameter is used to do. The following high-energy laser will give you a detailed introduction.

What is the pulse duty cycle? The pulse duty cycle refers to the proportion of the beam's time in each pulse. Frequency is the number of times the peak power appears in a pulse, and duty cycle is the ratio between the peak power and the trough power in a pulse. According to the relationship between average power (Pa) and duty cycle (D), the peak pulse power (Pp) can be calculated according to the following formula.

 Cutting Machine

Under pulse cutting condition, the cutting speed U and frequency FP are kept constant. The roughness of the cutting surface shown is the result of measuring the upper (Ru) and the lower (Rd) of 1.2MM, 3.2MM and 6.0MM thick carbon steel. All the plate thickness shows that the upper laser cutting surface roughness is better than the lower cutting surface roughness; The higher the peak power of the pulse, the better the roughness of the cutting surface.

cutting surface

The width of the heat affected layer (H) is measured at the top (Hw), middle (Hm) and lower (Hd). The width of the heat affected layer decreases from the lower part (Hd) to the middle part (Hm) to the upper part (Hw). The larger the pulse peak power is, the smaller the width of the heat affected layer is, especially the lower part of the slit is particularly affected by the pulse characteristics, and the proportion of the heat affected layer changing with the change of the pulse peak power is relatively large.

 Cutting Machine

Conclusion: When the average power is constant and the duty cycle of pulse decreases, the peak power will increase. The energy of each pulse will increase correspondingly, and the processing amount of each pulse will increase, which will improve the processing capacity in the thickness direction of the plate. In addition, as the stop time will also increase, the cooling ability to suppress the burning or melting loss will also increase accordingly. On the contrary, if the duty ratio of the pulse is very large, the pulse will be close to the CW double conditions, and the laser processing capacity and cooling capacity in the direction of the plate thickness will decrease correspondingly, and the inhibition ability of the phenomenon of overburning and melting loss will be reduced in the low-speed laser processing.

The comparison diagram of each face after perforating with the condition of reducing the peak pulse fully reflects the influence of pulse characteristics on machining.

 Cutting Machine

The center frequency and operating frequency of the laser: the spectrum of the laser is a & LDquo; Mountain & throughout; The peak peak corresponds to the frequency known as the dominant frequency, but the peak has a width, the laser can also work at other frequencies, so that the dominant frequency is the spectrum characteristics of the laser at rated temperature, rated power and other conditions.

The frequency is the ability of the laser to produce many pulses in one second, and the unit is (Hz). First of all, it needs to be explained that welding metal is the use of laser energy, and in the case of constant laser power, the higher the frequency, each laser output energy is smaller, therefore, we need to ensure that the laser energy is enough to melt the metal, considering the processing speed, in order to determine the laser output frequency. In the case of laser repairing abrasive tools, 15Hz has been able to meet the needs of welding, too high frequency is bound to cause the laser pulse energy is too low, resulting in welding failure.



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