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Laser Cutting Galvanized Sheet Solution

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Galvanized sheet is a metal material commonly used in household appliances manufacturing, filing cabinets and daily necessities industries. In order to ensure the precision and quality of product molding, laser cutting is the most common process means used in the process of galvanized sheet blanking. It is a kind of processing means that does not contact the material, so it will not damage the surface of the plate, and there will be no burr on the cutting surface. It is a processing method that can greatly reduce the process after the process.

Because galvanized sheet is an alloy steel plate, it has been recognized as a difficult material for laser cutting. Today, the most mainstream laser cutting equipment to fiber laser cutting machine, which has a great advantage in cutting cost and maintenance. So, fiber laser cutting machine in the cutting galvanized sheet what are the best solutions?

Laser Cutting

Auxiliary gas to improve laser cutting performance

The addition of auxiliary gas is a more effective way to improve the performance of laser cutting, from the gas category, there are three kinds of cutting process for galvanized sheet, namely, air cutting, oxygen cutting and nitrogen cutting.

Air cutting: the advantage is that the processing cost is very low, only need to consider the laser itself and the electricity bill of the air compressor, do not need to produce high auxiliary gas costs, and the cutting efficiency on the sheet can rival nitrogen cutting, is an economical and efficient cutting method. But the disadvantages on the sectioning surface are equally obvious. First of all, the air cutting section will produce the bottom burr, laser processing products must also go through deburring and other secondary processing, is not conducive to the whole product production cycle. Secondly, the air cutting section is easy to blacken, affecting the quality of the product. Therefore, the advantages of laser processing without follow-up treatment can not be reflected, so in the processing of galvanized steel plate, many enterprises are not willing to choose the air cutting way.

Oxygen cutting: This is the most traditional and standard cutting method. The advantage is that the gas cost is low, and in the carbon steel based sheet metal processing, there is no need to frequently switch auxiliary gas, easy to plant management. But the disadvantage is that after oxygen cutting, there will be a layer of oxide scale left on the surface of the cutting surface. If the product with oxide scale is welded directly, over a long time, the oxide scale will naturally flake off. This is galvanized sheet welding easy to weld one of the reasons.

Nitrogen cutting: the use of nitrogen for high-speed processing, because the role of nitrogen is different from combustion oxygen, but play a protective role, so the cutting section will not produce oxide scale. Many enterprises also take a fancy to this advantage, so the cutting of galvanized steel plate is often processed with nitrogen.

Recommended Model: HCD-1000W

This 1000W fiber laser cutting machine is located in the metal sheet cutting within 10mm, compared to the traditional plate O2 cutting machine, the processing capacity and cutting speed of this equipment is more obvious:

Laser Cutting

◆ drive gantry double drive, double motor drive, with stable operation, fast dynamic response, high positioning speed characteristics, speed can be 70 m/min.

◆ The bilateral synchronous driving function of the high-end NUMERICAL control system is stable and reliable, which is in the leading level of the industry.

◆ Use the traditional process to hammer the main body of the laser machine, splice, welding, heat treatment, surface treatment, high-precision guide surface processing, every step is meticulous, high-quality bed with strict process treatment, to avoid the vibration of the laser equipment in the process of high-speed operation.

◆ Perfect integration of cutting-edge fiber laser technology and digital control technology, kilowatt-level standard machine tool design, reserving space for product upgrade.



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