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How to Solve Burr and Burning Edge of Laser Cutting Workpiece

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In the use of laser cutting machines in processing, there will always be various minor problems, most of the cutting burr and edge burning in the majority. So in this situation, how do we solve it?

First of all, we have to understand the laser cutting processing is what kind of a principle and process: Laser beam irradiation to the workpiece surface, high energy makes the workpiece irradiation part gasification and evaporation, through the auxiliary gas to escape the residue and cooling plate, to achieve the effect of cutting, this cutting process belongs to a type of thermal processing.

What causes the burrs?

In sheet metal processing, gas purity and parameter settings of laser cutting machines will affect processing quality. To cut out the workpiece without burr, you need to adjust the equipment, gas, and parameters together to the best.

How do burrs come about?


Gas purity

The auxiliary gas used in the cutting process will affect the cutting effect. The general need to use the cutting gas with a purity of 99.999; higher purity is best. If the purity is not high, bad sections and burrs will occur in the cutting process.

Cutting parameters

Cutting parameters are based on cutting speed, cutting focus, and air pressure to cooperate to achieve a good cutting effect. Therefore, if burrs appear in the cutting, these three cutting parameters need to be adjusted until the best is achieved.

Practical solutions to cutting burrs:

A. the output power of the laser cutting machine is not enough.

Solution: check whether the laser cutting machine is working normally. If it is abnormal, it needs to be repaired and maintained in time. If normal, check whether the output value is correct.

B. There is the deviation in the upper and lower positions of the beam focus.

Solution: Adjust the position of the focus, depending on the offset position it produces.

C. The gas purity of the cutting machine is not enough.

Solution: Change the gas.

D. The wire cutting speed of the cutting machine is too slow.

Solution: adjust the wire cutting speed in time.

E. The point of the laser beam of the cutting machine has been offset.

Solution: focus debugging, timely adjustment

How does a burning edge come about?

burning edges

Laser cutting machine processing is a process of thermal processing. Under normal circumstances, part of the heat generated by cutting is taken away by protective gas, amount of the heat is diffused to the processing workpiece through the cutting seam. Laser cutting machine in the processing of small holes, the outside of the hole can be sufficient cooling, the inner hole of the small hole part, but because the heat can be diffused space is small, the heat is too concentrated to cause overburning, hanging slag, etc. In addition, in the thick plate cutting, the accumulation of molten metal and heat on the material surface generated by the perforation will make the auxiliary airflow disorder, too much heat input, resulting in overburning.

The solution of laser cutting machine processing overburning is as follows:

Laser-cut carbon steel hole cut the solution: in the carbon steel cut with oxygen as the auxiliary gas, the key to solving the problem is suppressing the occurrence of oxidation reaction heat. The perforation can assist with oxygen, hysteresis switch to assist with air, or nitrogen to cut. This method can process the hole of 1/6 thick plate.

Pulse cutting conditions with low frequency and peak output power have the characteristic of reducing heat output, which is helpful to the optimization of cutting conditions. The condition is set as a single pulse laser beam, a high peak output of energy intensity, low-frequency conditions, which can be helpful to reduce the accumulation of molten metal on the surface of the material in the process of useful perforation to suppress heat output.

Laser-cut aluminum alloy and stainless steel cut in the solution: in this kind of material processing, the use of auxiliary gas is nitrogen, in the cut is not burning edge, but, because of the small hole inside the material temperature is very high, the inside of the slag hanging phenomenon will be more frequent.

A helpful solution is to increase the auxiliary gas pressure and set the condition as the pulse condition of peak output and low frequency. When the auxiliary gas is used in air, it is the same as when used in nitrogen. It will not burn over, but it is easy to hang slag at the bottom. It is necessary to set the conditions as high auxiliary gas pressure, peak output, and low-frequency pulse conditions.



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