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How to Select Most Suitable CNC Fiber Laser Cutter? Those Most Standard Aspects Would Be Make you Clear

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CNC laser cutting machine is most necessary equipment for sheet metal manufacture, there are many boss and procurement asked if I found not satisfied for our company how should I do? Totally how should choose one cutting machine with best working appearance.


1. Choose Correct Machine Model

First of all you had better know well your sheet metal material, thickness range, size and working appearance so that you could know how many laser power is your choice and working table specification are suitable for you.

Then you should know the variety of cutting machine. For example choose shears or laser cutting which standard judgement is most suitable machine to be cut. If just only cutting sheet metal they are both included. But if you need high precision and also cut different shapes and appearance that fiber laser cutter would be your first choice.



2. Select Appropriate Configuration

According to product special processing and requirement to find suitable fiber laser cutter. Especially focus on the material and thickness. The parameter of CNC cutting machine is vital for customers. If you choose shearing machine also need consider what kind of blade to meet more kinds of working material.


3. Stability of Machine Itself

Machine body is most basically important components for you, after choosing better model and configuration should be inspection the supplier’s cutting appearance and quality. Mainly attention to the structure, linear guide and quality of main motor. All the components decided the accuracy and quality of finished product.

Hereby let me explain the configuration of HECHEN.

● Gantry structure and integrated case beam body, air extruded aluminium material.

● Adopt plate-tube high-intensity machine body, whole processing and all thicker steel plate body. 600℃ high temperature quench stress relief itself and two times heat treatment to make sure won’t be deformed more than 20 years.

● 35# linear guide & rack, special processing and treatment efficient prevent start and extrusion to make sure the accuracy within 0.02mm.

● All motorized system using Japan YASKAWA servo motor; Torsion synchronization, eccentric construction and also same gap(Y1.Y2) to make sure same synchronization precision with high power and faster speed under stable operation.

● Adopt famous brad Raycus laser source and imported laser source for selecting(IPG,Nlight) to guaranteed operate good quality laser, 2 times high electro-optic conversion rate to have nearest gap and the plain efficiency.

● Automatic follow focus design, although sheet metal are not plain on surface and also could guaranteed the cutting seam smooth, beautiful, without subsequent processing.

● Small heat affected area, not easy to deform, far better than other hot processing


4. Operation of Control system

Simple and practical function of CYPCUT, stability is vital for control system, if system don’t have a better appearance would caused running maintenance. No matter for seller and enterprise would be a huge loss. Importantly when choosing cutting machine should carefully make sure the stability of cutting system.


5. Cutting Quality and efficiency

Product cutting quality and efficiency is most focused for customer, not only buyer’s necessary key point of acceptance and also assess the quality of cutting machine equipment standards. Under almost same hardware condition,the cutting machine's efficiency and cutting quality are determined by the software. Perfect cutting software supporting, can better improve the quality and precision of cutting to achieve real intelligence, automation.


6. Save Raw Material and improve working efficiency

For example, if cutting machine cannot fully automatically cut, so the production speed would decreased too much, raw material would caused production cost improved which make enterprise don’t have enough competitive advantage, qualified product would be blocked and also will give enterprise brought incalculable damage.


7. Machine quality and price

Some customers devote to lowest price without attention to the quality. From the short term saved cost, but behind days will have problems on after-sales service, who take charge of installation, test machine well and also train to operate machine only one part cannot support well caused to machine cannot working at all. Cheaper machine will also have a common phenomenon about cutting appearance don’t have expected effect, it not only waste time and also improved product cost. The laser cutting is working for high precision workpiece, if accuracy cannot reach correspond accuracy not only caused the quality of product and also the reputation for whole enterprise. When we choose suitable fiber laser cutter should take eyes on the accuracy and speed from reliable supplier.


8. Supplier Strength

HECHEN as the world famous cutting machine R&D, production, sales and service of high-tech enterprises to provide flexible material cutting equipment, services and customized solutions to customers around the world, realized the potential growth of customers, continue to create long-term value for customers.



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