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How to Improve the efficiency of fiber laser Cutter

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Laser cutting machine is now the more common equipment in sheet metal processing, its efficient flexible processing characteristics to solve the disadvantage of the traditional CNC punch. The principle of laser cutting machine is through high energy laser beam irradiation to the surface of the steel plate and release energy to make the irradiation surface of the steel plate melt and evaporate, to achieve the effect of cutting.

In using the fiber laser cutter processing and the customers improve fiber laser cutter comparing the punching machine efficiency low efficiency problem, so how should we solve this problem?

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1.Machine usual maintenance: Machine tool is a test of laser cutting machine stability of a large, machine tool running speed mainly by motor, reducer and rail rack and so on to cooperate. So if you want to improve the efficiency, the maintenance of these parts is indispensable.

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2.Replacement of optical lenses: Laser is mainly issued by the laser, and then through the cutting head to focus, to achieve the cutting effect. There are many optical lenses in the cutting head, through which the light expands and focuses the beam. Because the working environment of laser cutting machine is very bad, so the optical lens after a long time of work, dust will pollute the lens, this time the laser transmission rate will be greatly reduced, the cutting efficiency will be reduced. Therefore, optical lenses also need regular maintenance and replacement.

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3. Upgrade the laser: Some customers in the cutting of thick plate, cutting efficiency is very slow, this is because the power of the laser is too small, so if you want a faster cutting effect, improve the power of the laser cutting machine, that is, upgrade the laser is the most efficient method.

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