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How to Calculate the Suitable Tonnage for press brake, this formula will solve all conditions

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During the bending process, the force between the upper die and the lower die is applied to the material and make metal sheet shaped to expected. Working tonnage means to working press when you are bending.


These aspects of suitable tonnage confirmation as below: Bending radius, mode, mould ratio, working length, material and thickness. See picture 1:



Generally, working tonnage selection could following the sheet as below and settings on working parameter.

1. When the index of sheet length is 1 meter so the bending force:

Such as: S=4mm, L=1000mm V=32mm                             SHEET FORMAT:P=330KN


2. According to force σb=450/mm² that material based on this point, when bending different material, the bending force is sheet data and product coefficients as following:

Brass(Soft): 0.5; Stainless Steel: 1.5; Aluminum:0.5; Chromium Molybdenum Steel: 2.0


3. Bending force approximate calculation format: P=650S²L/V mentioned each specification unit: P-KN; S-mm; L=mm; V=mm


Bending force comparison:



Tip: The relationship between the tonnage of press brake and Mpa on pressure sheet:

“Mpa”is the unit of bending force, 1square meter when undertake 1 N press power so the pressure is 1pa[1pa=1N/(M*M)]



However kilogram is power unit: 1KGS=9.8N

But this is two different things, you cannot say 1MPa equals to how much kilograms.

But these two things also have some relations: 1 Mpa pressure power need to give 10 kilogram press power on 1cm².


How to choose suitable press brake, nominal pressure calculation format: P=650S²L/V

P: Nominal Pressure KN

S: Sheet Metal MM

L: Working Length M

V: Width of V-Die(V is 8-10 times of thickness)



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