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Home / News / How expensive is a sheet metal fiber laser cutter? We had better pay more attention to configuration

How expensive is a sheet metal fiber laser cutter? We had better pay more attention to configuration

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Sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine has been widely used in sheet metal processing as the most critical equipment, satisfying high accuracy and efficiency in working requirements. The flexibility is not another machine that could be compared. So how expensive of fiber laser cutter? What's the price we purchase a fiber laser cutter.

Fiber laser cutting machine according to a material thickness, so we had better choose suitable laser power, the core of laser source of fiber laser cutter decided efficiency cutting thickness. Of course, the higher the laser source, the higher the price of the whole machine.

The seriously increased supplier of laser cutting machines on the market caused the same laser power laser cutting machine the price has thousands of dollars difference. So what's the main reason this result happened? The configuration is the main factor deciding the price of laser cutter distinction.

What are the aspects we should focus on of sheet metal laser cutting machines?


At present, there are two types of lasers in the domestic market: imported and domestic. Imports are mainly IPG lasers, and domestic lasers are mainly Raycus and Max. Then, among these three types of lasers, the prices of different brands and the same power lasers are IPG, Raycus, and MAX from high to low. Therefore, the cost of the whole machine will be very different if you choose other brands of lasers.

Cutting head: 

currently, there are two types of cutting heads: imported and domestic. The imported ones are mainly Precitec, and the domestic ones are mainly Raytools and WSX. In terms of functions, they are divided into automatic zoom and manual focus. The price of manual and automatic focusing of the brand will also be very different. When comparing the cost of a laser steel plate cutting machine, you should look at the difference in configuration.


There are more brands of reducers. Generally, the price difference between domestic and imported is enormous. In addition, there are shaft reducers and disc reducers in the model. Of course, the difference between the different models of the brand will be big too.


Everyone knows that motors are divided into stepper motors and servo motors. Different laser cutting machine manufacturers have other motor brands and different powers. This is the main component that determines the cutting speed of the laser steel plate cutting machine. It has high power and high acceleration. 

Machine Body: 

At present, there are two kinds of machine beds common in the market: steel plate welding and cast iron casting, as well as steel pipe welding from other small manufacturers. This kind of machine is relatively inferior, and the cost is meager. You can also compare more because the machine tool is an essential component that determines the stability of the equipment. Only a good machine tool can be used for a longer time, and the equipment's accuracy will be higher.


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