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Experts for fiber laser cutter solutions and manufacturing of sheet metal machinery
Our company is Anhui Hechen Laser Equipment Co., Ltd., which is a professional manufacturer of laser cutting machines and sheet metal processing machine. We have a professional R&D power and a complete after-sales service team to ensure that the most innovative technical process creates the highest quality products. Committed to providing high-end precision machinery, such as; laser cutting machine, professional laser pipe cutting machine, welding machine, hydraulic press brake, shearing machine and V grooving machine and other CNC machine tools.
We are dedicated to laser application and sheet metal automation complete equipment research and development, production and sales. 
Fiber laser cutter can be seen in the metal processing factory, its powerful, can flexibly cut all kinds of metal materials, hereby introduces main functions of laser cutting machine, through these practical functions, can greatly improve the processing efficiency and cutting performance.
Double table exchange laser cutting machine, double platform exchange, save loading and unloading time, adopt gantry double drive structure, high-precision rack rail drive, CNC laser cutting system, optical fiber automatic zoom cutting head, reinforced welding bed, the whole machine is stable Reliable, flexible and simple operation, high-speed punching and cutting function, professional cutting of various sheet metal, precision accessories, hardware tools, craft gifts and other metal materials.
The main function is the working for metal sheet and pipes together, adopts rack and pawn drive structure, pneumatic clamping chuck, rotary push cutting way, can be used for common square pipe, round pipe, rectangular pipe cutting.pneumatic chuck and push cutting mode, with higher centering precision and machining precision.
CNC press Brake has high productivity and high working accuracy, using different shapes of the upper and lower mould, can be bent into various shapes artifacts, stroke at a time can be to a bending forming of sheet metal, after a lot of bending can obtain more complex in the shape of the work piece. Our hydraulic press Brake has the characteristics of smooth operation, convenient operation, low noise, safety and reliability.
The whole series of products have passed the European CE safety certification, and obtained a number of national patents, 
and China's famous AAA level good standardization enterprise certification.
The whole series of products have passed the European CE safety certification, and obtained a number of national patents, and China's famous AAA level good standardization enterprise certification.

Competitive Price

In the case of reasonable control of quality, to ensure that high-end brands to achieve the best quality, the lowest price.


A number of independent intellectual property rights and technology research and development patents, the industry well-known brand.


Quality assurance is the foundation of brand and the guarantee of the market.


Professional after-sales service team, the service quality wins the customer satisfaction.
Our company in order to ensure product quality, improve product quality, equipped with a large landing compensation bed processing equipment, can be used for drilling, expanding, according to the hole and flat processing car face, flat surface, etc. Automated operation, control the speed and precision of the raw parts, shorten the cutting and manufacturing cycle of the products, not only control the cost, but also improve the quality of products, to ensure that our products in the market competition than similar products have a higher cost performance.
The company has conducted a number of industry-university-research cooperation with many universities, 
and has gathered a group of professionals with rich experience and excellent technology. 
Products are sold in more than 100 countries and regions at home and abroad, and the company has a high reputation abroad.
  • January,19, 2022
    The Ultimate Guide of FIBER LASER CUTTER

    Fiber laser cutter is a kind of CNC laser metal cutting system with high quality, high speed, high precision and high efficiency. It is suitable for all kinds of metal cutting which will be your good metalworking partner.

  • August,30, 2021
    The Relationship Between Pulse Duty Cycle and Frequency In Laser Cutting Machine

    In the cutting process parameters of the laser cutting machine, there will be the option of pulse duty ratio. Many operators who are not familiar with the laser cutting process parameters may not understand what this parameter is used to do. The following high-energy laser will give you a detailed introduction.

  • August,24, 2021
    Laser Cutting Galvanized Sheet Solution

    Galvanized sheet is a metal material commonly used in household appliances manufacturing, filing cabinets and daily necessities industries. In order to ensure the precision and quality of product molding, laser cutting is the most common process means used in the process of galvanized sheet blanking. It is a kind of processing means that does not contact the material, so it will not damage the surface of the plate, and there will be no burr on the cutting surface. It is a processing method that can greatly reduce the process after the process.

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    What Are The Advantages Of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, See Here The Most Complete Analysis!

    At present, the fiber laser cutting machine has great advantages over the CO2 laser cutting machine, and has gradually become a popular cutting equipment in the processing market. The cutting process is a very basic process in sheet metal processing. So what makes fiber laser cutting machines such a

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